She’s going to have a more extensive wardrobe than me at this rate.

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pparadox said: How old were you when you got married? How did you know you were ready for marriage?

I was married five years ago at the age of twenty. We were young but it absolutely felt right; everything sort of fell into place. I’m a bit of an old soul as is he and I believe that had a lot to do with our readiness of taking that next step in commitment.  We knew that this wasn’t just a short-term decision this was a life-long commitment and neither of us could see ourselves with anyone else. 

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Hello Third Trimester.
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Well, it happened. I had my first encounter with someone grabbing and rubbing my stomach without asking. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that I didn’t even have time to react until it was over. Apparently personal space goes out the window when you become pregnant.

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