Best wife award should go to me. I waddled my ass to the grocery store at 10:00 pm to grab ingredients, came home, and conquered the no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars he pitifully requested. It may sound easy but the peanut butter, melting chocolate, loads of confectioners sugar, and grinding of graham crackers gets messy real quick. I must really love this man.

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Anonymous said: apologies if this is *too* personal - but have you had an amniocentesis? if so, what were the results? I'm simply curious because we've heard some awesome updates from you about your little girl but I was wondering/hoping that everything on the radar looks healthy! Best wishes :)

Thank you, love. No amniocentesis, but had nuchal translucency screening done at 13 weeks. It’s less invasive — a simple ultrasound and a vial of blood from me. The results came back as 1 and 10,000 chance of her having chromosomal abnormalities [the best outcome they can test for]. They asked if I would like any further testing done and I declined. 

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Anonymous said: Can I ask what is with guys and the peeing thing? What makes yall like it so much lol





Idk….i guess for me….ive never seen a pussy as more than a sex part….i dont have one…so…i kinda just wanna see how it works…idk its weird to explain haha.


Asked my husband the same thing! He said it nice seeing something coming out of my pussy because with him he cums and I see it coming out and that turns me on and he said me peeing is kind of the same to him. Lol


Haha this is such a strange conversation. I love it! I’m gunna have to ask my fiancée about it. XD

This is beyond fucking strange..

Uhm, urine does not come out of your vagina.

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Anonymous said: I can't believe your due date is coming up so quickly! It seems like just yesterday you were sharing your exciting news! Following your progression has been so exciting, seeing how excited you and your hubby are getting for the arrival of your little miss :). I wish you all the happiness and best for your new family!

Thank you, you’re incredibly sweet. I’m surprised at how quickly this pregnancy has flown by and continues to do so. I feel like most feel like theirs drags out, but it really does feel like yesterday that I was announcing on here that we were expecting. :) 

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New in — Janie & Jack splurges. I can’t wait to put little miss in these outfits. 

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